Dhour Choueir – Lebanon
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View from TopFloor

Dhour Choueir - Lebanon

The Neighborhood

Like the chest of the tree, One to One Hotels Dhour Choueir sits in the town’s main square and overlooks an invigorating mountainous view. Get away from the busy schedules of the city, and rest your mind in a calm oasis. From the hotel, you can branch out to explore the marvels of Dhour Choueir, with its red-tiled houses and lush greenery.

The Eastern Mediterranean coast sparkles with a lovely weather in the summer, and the mountainside flourishes with breezy nights and warm sunny days. For outdoor lovers, we have a variety of activities that will stir up your stay from hiking, horseback to ATV tours. The winter season has its own crystal charm, and our guests can enjoy the ski slopes near the hotel.

The annual August festival in Dhour Choueir is not to be missed. It is held in honor of Lebanon’s diaspora, and the town fills with smiles, chatters and music concerts throughout the two weeks. People come from all over to engage in this ceremony and attend shows featuring world- renowned artists.  

Just 34 Km away from downtown Beirut, and 47 Km from Rafiq Hariri International Airport, One to One Hotels Dhour Choueir is convenient and accessible for corporate travelers and business visitors.