• Clover Boutique Hotel & Suites – Ras Al Khaimah
  • One to One The Village – Abu Dhabi
  • One to One Ain Al Faida – Al Ain
  • Concorde Hotel  – Fujairah
  • The Reuan Thai Village, Thailand
  • One to One Suites – Dhour Choueir
  • Avenue – Antelias, Lebanon
Clover Boutique Hotel & Suites – Ras Al Khaimah

The Story

Checking In

One to One believes in aspirations that are limitless. We love a challenge. We aim to use our expertise to fill the gaps in the diverse and ever changing hotel industry.

One to One hotel types are:



We are creating a new epoch of hotel experience. Trimmed with edge and style, One to One four-star boutique hotels are a new model of hospitality built to serve the contemporaries of our day.

Elite hotels

Our 5 star elite hotels are chosen with delicacy and care to honor the element of surprise. Both leisure and business travelers will find their needs suitably met. We value our customers’ individuality and polish our services accordingly. Comfort and appreciation are at the heart of our values, and we make sure you are always content.


One to One suites are perfectly designed with our residents in mind. Short term visits and extended stays are painted with a modern and simple setting and the finishing touch of personalized services. All with the heart to bring the feeling of home closer.

We value the diverse requirements of our residents, and we focus on delivering superior quality services and facilities for business meetings. Temporary office spaces, a 24/7 deli and highly equipped meeting rooms will keep you well taken care of and delighted.

Wellness resorts

We aim to raise awareness and promote a healthy lifestyle by creating a space for balance between mind, body and spirit. One to One Wellness Resorts presents a selection of non-invasive treatments, natural therapies, and a variety of nutritious products.

Stress has become an integral part of our daily lives, and we hope to reduce its effects by establishing a holistic approach to wellbeing, one that focuses on rejuvenation and vitality.