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Clover Boutique Hotel & Suites – Ras Al Khaimah

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The Village Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Here are the available job vacancies at One-to-One – The Village - Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. and their responsibilities :

Waiter / Waitress

  • To promote efficiency, confidence, courtesy and an extremely high standard of social skills.
  • To generally promote and ensure good inter-departmental relations.
  • To display a pleasant manner and positive attitude at all times and to promote a good company image to guests and colleagues.
  • To demonstrate pride in the workplace and personal appearance at all times when representing the hotel thus identifying a high level of commitment.
  • To adhere to Company and Hotel rules and regulations at all times.
  • Attends regular training sessions in line with the departmental SOP’s i.e. guest care, product knowledge, grooming standards, up-selling, etc.
  • Works as per instructions from the immediate Supervisor and as per duty shifts i.e. basic cleaning work, polishing equipment, table setting, collects materials / goods from other departments, etc.
  • Communicates directly with guests i.e. presents menus, helps with recommendations, receives orders, places orders and handles payments.


  1. Sort- out, stack and put all solid chinaware, glassware, silverware and stainless steel in the respective racks.
  2. Wash dishes, glasses, pots and pans and all utensils used in the food and beverage outlets according to the required standards.
  1. Wash and clean all kitchen equipment and utensils (pots, pans, ovens, range, etc.) according to the required standards.
  1. Remove garbage and collect empty bottles. Clean and sanitize the garbage bins.
  2. Perform all stewarding tasks as per given instructions.
  3. Report to supervisor for any defective equipment for maintenance.
  4. To ensure and comply with HACCP Rules and Regulation.



  •  Conduct quality inspection of public areas, rooms & take notes of things for repair. To be ensuring that correction actions are taken immediately.
  •  Communicate with guest at every opportunity & to act on feedbacks taken from guest questioners’, guest comments on line & duty manager log book.
  •  Maintain service standard & monitor performance of team members & compares to set standard.
  •  Inspects delivered linen, uniforms, and guest laundry.
  •  Inspects guest rooms daily including check out, vacant & occupied guest rooms, VIP, LSG rooms.
  •  Inspects pantries, service areas, staircases, rooftop areas, store room, outlets, rest rooms, offices, drive ways, car part, to ensure cleanliness & tidiness.
  •  Works as per instructions from the immediate Supervisor and as per duty shifts.

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