Zenotel – Lebanon
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Zenotel Lebanon

located 24 km away from beirut, bhersaf, metn rises 900m above sea level and is nestled between brummana and bekfaya. it is naturally inspiring with its invigorating climate, lush greenery, pine, and linden trees. bhersaf is rich in history and boasts the remains of roman and phoenician castles. it is also a spiritual place with two monasteries nearby. renowned for its fresh air, mild climate, pure air, and serene surroundings, bhersaf is incredibly attractive. the quaint village was originally called saqiet el misk (which literally means ‘musk rivulet’) because of how its rich waters give life to the musk-scented trees and flowers. today all these elements come together to create the ideal backdrop for zenotel.

zenotel is a pioneer of locavorism. this means we believe in enriching locals’ lives and in tapping into the goodness the community has to offer. we not only encourage local tourism but engage with locals and source most of the ingredients for our food and beverages from lebanese organic suppliers. fresh produce and vegetables straight from grandma’s garden are part of zenotel’s charm. in a bid to be self-sustainable we even have our very own fruit and vegetable garden where we grow kale, artichoke and other natural delights.

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Zenotel opening soon

breath relax & disconnect

26-bedroom wellness retreat with distinctive heart and soul opens in Bhersaf – Lebanon.   for more info visit www.zenotel.me tel.04 984 824