• One To One The Village - Abu Dhabi
  • One To One Ain Alfaida - Al Ain
  • One To One Sunset Hill - Thailand
  • One to One Suites - Lebanon
  • One to One Avenue - Lebanon
  • One To One Tarifa Hotel - Morocco
One To One The Village - Abu Dhabi

The story


General F.A.Q. (expands into below text when clicked)

Who is One to One Hotels?

Designed by outside-the-box thinkers for travellers in search of something more. Launched in 2007 with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, One to One Hotels is set to redefine the notion of hospitality.

Where do you have hotels?

We currently have four Hotel properties; One to One - the Village in Abu Dhabi, One to One - Dhour Choueir in Lebanon, One to One - Ain Al Faida in Al Ain, and One to One - Sunset Hill in Thailand.

Where are the corporate offices located?

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, at One to One Hotel - the Village.

How can I make an online reservation?

To check on rates or make online bookings, please select Book/Modify.

Can I modify or amend a reservation made through your website?

Yes. Please click Book/Modify and then follow the instructions to modify or amend.

Is there any extra charge for modifying my reservation?

No charges if modified prior to cancellation period. If modified after cancellation period, cancellation fee applicable from one night to full duration of stay based on your dates of stay. Please read the cancellation policy before making a reservation.

Is my credit card a must to make an online booking?

Yes. However, the reservation can be cancelled 24hrs prior to arrival without any charges, except for the blackout period wherein the cancellation period is 30 days. Please read the cancellation policy while making your reservation.

What is the cancellation policy?

We have 2 different cancellation policies:

1) No charges for cancellation 24hrs prior to arrival date. One night room rate and tax will be charged if cancelled within 24hrs, applicable for all dates except for blackout dates.

2) For blackout dates, no charges if cancellation is 30 days prior to arrival date. Full duration of stay will be charged incase of cancellations received within 30 days of arrival date.

Where do I find the cancellation period?

Cancellation policy displayed while making reservations.

Does the cancellation policy apply to Food & Beverage and Conference & Catering or only accommodation?

Cancellation policy differs for Food and Beverage and Conference and Catering and it will be indicated in the contract while signing.

When do I get charged for cancelling a booking?

After the cancellation period is over, which is indicated in your confirmation letter and can be seen while making reservations.

What is your corporate Rate?

In our strive to facilitate the bookings at our boutique hotels, we will not be having corporate rates extended but 365 days a year of competitive & flexible rates.

What is black out date?

High demand date due to major events happening in the city, wherein rooms are sold only on published rack rates with different terms and conditions.

Can I interact with a Sales or PR person online?

Please send us an email with your query and we shall revert to you within 9 working hours. A list of email ID’s of key contacts is available under the “Contact us” option.

When are your check-in and check-out timings?

Check-in: 1400hrs and check-out: 1200hrs.

Where can I leave a comment/feedback about my stay and your restaurants?

In the grey comment form below.

How can I register to your newsletter & special offers list?

You can join our mailing list by registering with your email address in the website footer present on every page.

If I register to your newsletter & special offers list will I receive all your packages and promotions on a regular basis?

Our newsletter & special offers listwill exactly be giving you this kind of service, all our promotions, packages and special rates and deals will be sent to you on a regular basis.


The Village F.A.Q. (expands into below text when clicked)

Where is the hotel located?

Direct access to the hotel is from Al Salam street; however, it is also accessible via Delma Street (Street 13) or Hazaa Bin Zayed (Street 11). Click here for the location map

Who is the contact person for general inquiries about the hotel?

Please write to  info.thevillage@onetoonehotels.com

Lost and found items:

We will try our best to contact the guest about the lost and found items. In the absence of a claim or in the event that we are unable to reach the guest, items will be kept under our control for a period of 6 months only, unless they are perishable items.

Are pets allowed?

No pets are allowed on any of our premises.


What is Ramadan and when does it fall?

When we speak of Ramadan Month, we speak of an annual spiritual event so serious that it impressively engulfs the entire Muslim Ummah in a religious season surpassing any annual event in the world. 

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, Al-Hijrah. This calendar is based on the lunar system. There are twelve months in the lunar year. They are: 1. Al-Muharram    2. Safar    3. Rabee'ul Awwal   4. Rabee'ul Athathanee   5. Jumadah Awwal    6. Jumadth Thanee   7. Rajab   8. Sha'aban    9. Ramadan   10. Shawwal   11. Dhul-Qidah   12. Dhul-Hijah.

How many days is it?

Ever since the Lawgiver (Shaari'e) prescribed fasting, the method and the process of ascertaining the knowledge about the starting and the ending time of fasting has been to physically sight (ru'eyah) the new crescent moon (hilal) of Ramadan. Thus, when the birth of the new moon of the month of Ramadan is ascertained, the fast begins. 

The fast ends with the birth of the hilal of the tenth month, Shawwal. In the event that clouds, smog, or fog block the sky, preventing eye sighting of the hilal, the days of the month are computed. If after, or on the evening of, the twenty-ninth day of Sha'aban, it is not possible to sight the hilal of Ramadan, due to cloudiness or obstruction in the sky, Muslims will complete Sha'aban thirty days, and the fast begins the next morning.

Similarly, if after the 29th of Ramadan, it is not possible to sight the hilal of Shawwal due to cloudiness or obstruction, Muslims complete Ramadan thirty days. The next day becomes 'Eidul Fitr, the Festival of Fast-Breaking. 

What is the culture and the religions intention behind it?

Every year, more than one billion Muslims around the globe observe the importance of the month of Ramadan. This time of the year is a time for reflection, devotion to God and self-control. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims show their devotion to God by fasting, or abstaining from food.

Many religions encourage some kind of fasting for religious purposes. For instance, Catholics give up meat for Lent and Jews fast during the holiday of Yom Kippur. 

For Muslims, fasting is a very important component of Islam. The benefits of fasting for Ramadan are numerous. The most important, though, is the idea that through the self-control of fasting one can pay special attention to his/her spiritual nature. 

Ramadan is an important time for Muslims, not simply because it helps develop a closer relationship with God, but also because Ramadan is a time to think about those who are less fortunate. Another goal of fasting for Ramadan is to experience hunger in sympathy for those without food. It is a way that many Muslims learn thankfulness and appreciation for what they own.

What are the should and should not do (Social Restrictions) during Ramadan?

In Ramadan Muslims fast or undergo “Siyam” which implies a specific act, that is, "to worship Allah, abstaining, with intention to please Him from fast breakers, such as physical nourishment, food, drink, and sexual intercourse or a lustful discharge of semen from the period between the break of dawn until sundown."

Ain Al Faida F.A.Q. (expands when clicked)

Dhour Choueir F.A.Q. (expands into below text when clicked)

Who is the contact person for general enquiries?

You can contact our Front Office Supervisor on info.dhourchoueir@onetoonehotels.com.

How far is the hotel from downtown Beirut?

The hotel is only 34 KM away from the heart of the city and depending on traffic, it can take up to a maximum of 30 minutes by car.

How far away is the closest ski slope to the hotel?

The hotel is 44 km away from the renowned Faraya ski slopes.

Are there banks close to the hotel?

Yes – there is a bank with an ATM right across the street from the hotel.

Does the hotel take part in the annual summer festival in Dhour?

Yes – the hotel is an integral part of the festival with our terraces facing right onto the main square.

Does the hotel cater to vegetarian requests?

Yes – our culinary team are pleased to accept requests for vegetarian options.

Can the hotel cater for diet requirements?

Yes – please give us a call or drop us an email prior to your arrival, so that we can make the necessary arrangements, as not all ingredients are available at short notice.

Can the hotel arrange airport transfer for groups of people to & from the airport?

Yes we can at an additional fee of US$ XXX per way per car. Group transfers can as well be organized and fee depends on number of persons and vehicle required.

Can the hotel arrange visas for hotel guests?

Hotels in Lebanon do not process entry visas. This simple process, and you will need to obtain the visa form the Lebanese Embassy in your country of residence

Do I need a Visa to enter Lebanon?

There are several nationalities that you do require entry visa to Lebanon, please visit the following link hereunder to access up to date information for individual countries or ask your nearest Lebanese Embassy.



Sunset Hill F.A.Q. (expands when clicked)