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One To One The Village - Abu Dhabi

The story


We want you to feel as confident with our service as we are.

We are delighted to make the following promises to ensure a comfortable and unforgettable experience at One to One Hotels & Resorts for our esteemed guests and colleagues.


The Village staff testimonials (expands into below text when clicked)

"I will ensure to meet every guest with a big smile to brighten their day and make him feel comfortable and welcomed"  

Julia Ivanova  |  Russian
Hostess, Food & Beverage  

"I always felt that nothing in the world can take the place of persistence" 

Lizabeth Dizon  |  Philipino
Executive Secretary, Executive Office

"Enjoy… Learn… Create and Grow" 

Kishore Sathar  |  Indian
Revenue Manager, Sales & Marketing

"Experience the One to One touch through attitude…we believe in common communication between colleagues and One to One with our guests" 

Mohammed Rizwan Abdul Raheem  |  Sri Lankan 
Butler, Front Office

"All our guests are VIPs and with the best practice I will ensure that they are all safe and in good conditions" 

Binoy Kuttappan  |  Indian
Life guard, Recreation


Ain Al Faida staff testimonials (expands when clicked)

Dhour Choueir staff testimonials (expands when clicked)

Sunset Hill staff testimonials (expands when clicked)